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In the world of film and television, Jennifer recently developed an original pilot called The 626 with Super Deluxe and adapted two Jane Green novels – Tempting Fate and To Have and to Hold – that aired on Lifetime in June 2019 starring Alyssa Milano and Erika Christensen. She is currently working on a movie about campus rape and institutional betrayal with Just Singer Entertainment. Her screenplay, Lost Boy, was filmed starring Virginia Madsen. She wrote The Assault and The March Sisters for Mar Vista Entertainment and Double Wedding for Jaffe Braunstein. She has written movies for NBC, ABC, MTV and Lifetime, was a staff writer on the television series, RELATED, wrote a pilot for ABC Family and developed an animated feature for Disney.  She co-created the critically acclaimed web series Faux Baby with Laura Brennan and Rachel Leventhal.  The screenplay adaptation of her play THE LAST SEDER won Showtime’s Tony Cox Screenwriting Award, meriting her a month’s stay in a haunted farmhouse at the Nantucket Screenwriter’s Colony.  She has developed original pilots with Bunim-Murray, Ineffable, Stun Media and MomentumTV.


66BE26D6-LostBoyposter copy 2.png

....The screenplay adaptation of Jennifer’s award-winning  play, THE LAST SEDER, won the SHOWTIME/TONY COX SCREENWRITING AWARD from the Nantucket Film Festival....


...Jennifer’s LOST BOY, starring Virgnia Madsen, was produced by Mar Vista Entertainment, directed by Tara Miele. She is currently developing an original pilot with Stun Media.


Availabile on I-Tunes...



“Writer Jennifer Maisel crafts more detail here than the genre usually calls for. Her characters have rich backgrounds, motivation and lots of personality.”  -  from Variety


"As I sat and watched an early screener of Alyssa Milano's new Lifetime movie, Tempting Fate, I lost track of how many times I actually said out loud, "Oh shit.”

Alyssa Milano’s New Lifetime Movie Will Make You Uncomfortable—On Purpose - Article from Glamour Magazine




Erika Christensen on How To Have and To Hold is an Example of How a Belief in Someday My Prince Will Come Can Go Wrong

Article in Parade Magazine


Web Series co-created with Laura Brennan and Rachel Leventhal, starring Missy Yager, Lukas Bryant and Leslie Hope, directed by Charlie Stratton

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