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Eight Nights

Character Breakdown:

3 W, 4 M  playing 14 roles.

Genre: Drama


The lives that inhabit an apartment from 1949 to 2016.  A young refugee woman finally free to start anew in the United States tries to vanquish the past that haunts her, alongside her father, husband, friends, daughter and granddaughter.


The play needs 7 actors, who play 14 roles. One actress plays Rebecca from age 19 into her 40s, then plays Rebecca’s daughter and granddaughter. Another actress plays Rebecca from her 40s into her 80s, as well as her mother, Rebecca’s mother, Anna.  Several of the other actors play more than one character.




World Premiere, Antaeus Theatre, directed by Emily Chase

PLAYMAKERS, North Carolina, director Joseph Megel

Playwrights Union FIRST PEEK, Los Angeles, director Emily Chase

BERKSHIRE PLAYWRIGHTS LAB, Massachusetts, director Matthew Penn

Antaeus Theatre Company, Glendate, director Emily Chase

Reading in Colorado, Director Amy Feinberg


A link to a beautiful podcast about the reading of EIGHT NIGHTS in Colorado by Rabbi Marc Soloway --


History informs the future in Jennifer Maisel’s new play ‘Eight Nights’ at Antaeus Theatre Co.

Take a look  at Photos from the premiere of EIGHT NIGHTS at the Antaeus Theatre Company 

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