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The Last Seder

Character Breakdown: 5M, 6F


Set/Technical: Unit set

Running Time: 1 hour and 35 minutes, no intermission


When Lily and Marvin Price's daughters return for the last Passover in their family home, they find that the magic of the Seder ritual is the one thing that will allow them to heal the past and move on with their lives. THE LAST SEDER is a play about the members of this family getting a second chance to say goodbye to a love who is already gone - patriarch Marvin Price who suffers from Alzheimers - enabling them to open new doors to their futures.




  • John F. Kennedy Center's Fund for New American Plays Award

  • The Charlotte Woolard Award for Promising New Voice in American Theatre (also from the Kennedy Center)

  • National Foundation for Jewish Culture New Plays for Production grant, sponsored by the Winnick Family Foundation

  • The Showtime Tony Cox screenwriting award (for the screenplay adaptation)



OFF-BROADWAY, produced by Rosalind Productions, directed by Jessica Bauman

Park Square Theatre in St. Paul

Ensemble Studio Theatre LA Project and Greenway Court,
June 2008, directed by Joseph Megel

Theatre J in Washington, D.C.,
January 2003, directed by Joseph Megel

The Organic Theatre in Chicago,
May 2002, directed by Joseph Megel

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