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Mad Love

Character Breakdown: 4M, 3F


Set/Technical: Simple Unit Set

Running Time: About 90 minutes, no intermission


Thirteen year old Jace's family fell apart when her brother died last year, and now she desperately tries to escape her father by persuading a reclusive thirty-one year old Christmas tree salesman to help her kidnap her hissing mother from the insane asylum.

Awarded the Roger L. Stevens Award by the Kennedy Center’s Fund for New American Plays


PEN West Literary Award Finalist


Production History:

The Antrobus Group, New York City, director Dan Oliverio

World Premiere, Antrobus Productions, directed by Dan Oliverio



The Road Theatre Company, Los Angeles



Excerpted in Monologues for Women by Women

Playwright Jennifer Maisel refuses to deliver the standard sappy movie-of-the-week study of a benighted oppressed person in her wonderful new play. Instead Ms. Maisel, addresses the complexity of sexual abuse by ironically examining its ripple effect. ...Maisel is shaping up as a sort of David Lynch with estrogen. Just imagine what she'll do next...

The New York Law Journal, Rebecca L. Ford

"Tell me a story." pleads the 13-year-old spotlit in the darkness in her ruffled nightgown. "I'm getting hard," pants her father in a parallel spotlight, moaning to her soft skin, her tits. Behind them, a woodchopper's ax falls in rhythmic crescendo. Blackout. The scene's a stunner and one of many in Jennifer Maisel's Mad Love.

The Village Voice

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