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Cast: 3W 2M


Genre: drama

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Emily, a professor, and Clark, a tech wizard, had that perfect soccer parent life until their 10 year old died in an inexplicable random accident. Three years later, their son gone, their marriage shattered, Emily wants Clark to release her, so she can move on, so he can move on. But Clark has another plan. He thinks he can use technology to contact Jake – where-ever it is death has taken him. A meditation on love, connection and disconnection in this increasingly distant time, @thespeedofJake contemplates the universal desire to cheat death against the backdrop of our rapidly evolving technological world.

World premiere at Playwrights Arena,  directed by Jon Lawrence Rivera


* Premiered at Playwrights’ Arena

*PEN West Literary Award for Drama finalist

*2014 Kilroy list nomination for best plays by women and trans writers

*2015 Kilroy List Honorable Mention for best plays by women and trans writers

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