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Character Breakdown: 2M, 3F


Set/Technical: Abstract, unit set that can be many venues


Jorie - a woman caught between the world of her past and the one she has made for herself - lives a modern Grimm adaptation in New York City today. Entranced and charmed by Gus, a homeless man who uses his own magic to seduce her, Jorie is taken on a dark ride into the city’s underbelly that is triggered when she gives Gus her lover, James’s, coat. A balance of the deux ex machina qualities of fairytale magic with the hardbased realities of the lives of the homeless man, the prostitute, the stockbroker in a post 9/11 world.


Production History:


Rorschach Theatre company, opening July 2007, director Wendy McClellan



*FirstLook@NewPlays, First Look Theatre Company, NYC

*Kennedy Center First Stage reading series, September 2006

*Rorschach Theatre workshop

*ASK Theatre Projects first stage reading

*Cypress College reading in New Play Festival



*Honorable Mention - Ojai Playwrights Festival

Read the praise for Rorshach Theatre’s birds, directed by Wendy McClellan.  Click here to read the Washington Posts interview with Wendy and Jennifer (scroll down). 

#1 pick for best theatre in  D.C. by Jolene Munch in The Examiner

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