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Character Breakdown: 3M, 5F

Set/Technical: Simple multifunctional unit set with areas defined by sound and light
Running Time: 2 hours plus intermission


A bride's cold feet, a mother seeking her daughter's savior and a downtown New York City nightclub that disappears. Three women face the battlA bride's cold feet, a mother seeking her daughter's saviour and a downtown New York City nightclub that disappears. Three women face the battles of our time -es of our time - AIDS, alienation, commitment, loyalty and rootlessness - armed only with the power of love and friendship. EDEN is the story of Maura's search for the man she is certain saved her from death in the Holocaust in hope he can save her daughter, Cecelia, who is HIV-positive. It is the story of Cecelia, who escapes to a club called Eden, waiting to die until she can somehow learn to live. It is the story of Cecelia's two closest friends who, on the verge of love, can't love without her. Their stories are woven together by Harvey - executor of divine coincidence - who must somehow bring these women and their loves together in the few hours before the wedding takes place.


Winner of the California Playwrights Competition from South Coast Repertory

Production History:

THEATRE OF NOTE, Los Angeles - directed by Dan Oliverio

workshopped at South Coast Repertory, California - directed by Bill Rauch

Concert Reading - Playwrights Theatre of New Jersey, directed by Joseph Megel

Playwrights Week, The Lark Theatre, NYC - directed by Beth Schachter

Playwrights Kitchen Ensemble, the Coronet Theatre - directed by Joe Cacaci

Benefit performance for Pediatric Aids, directed by Charlie Stratton

An engaging drama about three best friends in crisis. Maisel’s writing shines. - LA Weekly

Jennifer Maisel is a playwright who trusts her audience. In EDEN at Theatre of NOTE, nothing is obvious, nothing is settled, nothing is told in prosaic expository form. But her stories are human and eternal, with archetypal characters living in mundane circumstances. - The Malibu Times, Dany Margolis

In "Eden," her ambitious and surreal play at Theatre of NOTE about the effect of AIDS on a trio of female friends, Jennifer Maisel evokes a fascinating millennial dreamscape of urban dread, psychic fragmentation and imperfect human connection. Maisel demonstrates a sure hand and a formidable flair for the mysterious. - Los Angeles Times

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