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Character Breakdown: 4M, 4F


Set/Technical: Unit Set with neon signage

Running Time: 100 minutes - no intermission

Between fertility appointments reporter Maggie Harris covers the U.S. Mall beat. Today's big story involves a modern-day baby Moses - a newborn found in the mall's movie theatre - sparking a search for his mother. The abandoned baby sets a whirlwind of confusion through U.S. Mall, as each person it touches is beset by emotions of longing and love in the frenzy of trying to find who this boy belongs to. Visions of a feral wildchild roaming the mall's dark underbelly and foraging from the Food Court plague Maggie and Solya, the teenage mother. What will become of a newborn baby left among the popcorn and ticket stubs, as the natural, unnatural and mystical worlds of the towering shopping monstrosity combine?


*Epic Theatre's Sunshine Season a readings festival nurturing new political plays and re-thinkings of classics June 24, 2005 at The Beckett Theatre @ Theatre Row

*Playwrights Theatre of New Jersey - reading - directed by John Pietrowski

*The Bat at the Flea Theatre, NYC, directed by Joseph Megel

*Jerome Center's Playlabs, Minneapolis, directed by Kent Nicholson

*ASK Theatre Projects Spring Writers Retreat, directed by Veronica Brady

*The Magic Theatre Raw Play series, directed by Kent Nicholson

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