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Character Breakdown: 3M, 2F

Set/Technical: Simple unit set
Running Time: 2 hours with intermission

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Leo has a wife and needs a kidney. Ben needs a kidney and is desperate for human connection. Maddy believes giving her kidney away will redeem her. Leyla longs to live her life and thinks that means she may have to leave Leo behind. Moss deals in flesh, seeking the highest bidder.

As we go deeper into the play we come to wonder about Maddy and her motivations as she becomes more and more entrenched in Leo, Leyla and Ben’s psyches. Who is this woman who has the power to change their lives?

Is there any such thing as a gift with no strings attached?

What if it meant every thing you owned, but you get to keep your life?

A journey into the underbelly of bartering for your organs…and perhaps for your soul.


semi-finalist for The O'Neill Theatre Conference 2010

Top Ten finalist - Jewish Plays Project 2016


Berkshire Playwrights Lab

Great Plains Theatre Festival 2012

University of the Arts Inaugural New Play Festival 2012

Ensemble Studio Theatre - LA Project reading



Inkwell at VS Theatre in Los Angeles

Inkwell at VS Theatre in Los Angeles, director Diana Wyenn

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